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SPORTS BETTER WITH CHIROPRACTIC ------My son Robert Joy III plays lots of sports. That can be tough on the body. He plays "hard" so he comes in for an adjustment, a rebalancing of his musculoskeletal and nervous system. It not only helps his spinal pain, he tells me he feels "amazing". This shows in his performance. Parents ask me what we do? I tell them Robert gets adjusted regularly and so did his brother who was very active in sports also. Whatever his issues are, Dr. Latimer takes care of them! - Sonia J.

FROZEN SHOULDER ----My shoulder was becoming immobile and painful. I waited a bit too long for attention but finally asked Dr. Latimer to check me. Thankfully she was able to treat all of the issues that contributed. I learned that spinal nerves and the shoulder joint with all of it's muscles and the joint capsule need evaluation. She gave me exercises and stretches. Now I am almost 100%    Whoo hoo! - Sharon R.

YOU FIXED ME!!! - I felt like I was FALLING APART and GETTING OLD before my time. Then I got myself back into see Dr. Latimer. She worked with all of my joints and gave me tips on bending and new lower back exercises. Now I have hope that I can feel good for many years to come! - Pam R.

MY BACK AND NECK -----When I get a kink in my neck or lower back. I head into Dr. Latimer’s and she fixes me right up! It takes few visits but she keeps me going strong. - Carol

My feet and legs were killing me and no one was able to help. It
took a few days to break them in and now I feel GREAT. - Mary C.

MY BLADDER IS BETTER -------Believe it or not my bladder is stronger and much less bothersome thanks to Dr. L adjustments. She tells me it has to do with the pelvic nerves and structure. I’m just happy!!! - Sally H.

My daughter had a lot of leg and arm weakness. Also her scoliosiswas getting worse and the Boston docs were considering surgery on her spine. Dr. Latimer and chiropractic has improved her curvature!! Also her legs are stronger and she can move and roll in bed much better. She is more relaxed now too. I bring her every 2 weeks and I will continue to do so. Thank you Dr. Latimer. - Celie A.

A YOUNG GUY WITH AN ACHY BODY-------I am 23 years old and I was very ache in my neck, lower back, andshoulder. My girlfriend told me to see Dr. L. It took a little while and she suggested some vitamins for my joint heeling. Now I can do my
basketball and other sports. I am so glad to feel better. - Dakota R.


DIGESTION AND THYROIDITIS PROBLEMS ------When I first came into the office of Dr. Latimer I was in a lot of distress. My stomach and digestion weren’t working well. I had a lot of cramping and wasn’t absorbing my food properly. Dr. L put me on a supplement program along with chiropractic care. My thyroid was lacking as well. Dr. L addressed both issues and worked on them simultaneously. I quickly noticed the difference! My whole body has responded well to hertreatments and I feel much better. - Dara J

MY KNEE -------I have had a chronic knee issue that has gradually worsened untilI could not get on the floor to play with my grandsons. After several treatments with Dr. L I can now move much more freely. Thank you to her for that and my lower back improvement. This also makes it easier to exercise. – Al S.

GREAT SHOE INSERTS -------The pair I recently purchased from Dr. Latimer were not only extremely comfortable but also very reasonably priced. I liked them so much that I purchased a second pair! Dr. Latimer also taught me that
proper foot balance helps keep the spine and other joints in alignment helping to keep them healthier. Thanks Doc for finding quality products for your patients. – Don C.

BACK PROBLEMS -----Dr. Latimer is a miracle worker, if you do what she tells you to do. It will improve your back. – Kathleen O.

I am a 26 yr old active guy. Then I strained my back. I could notget out of my car or tie my shoes without pain. I felt much older! I had to give up a summer job because I was unable to perform it. After waiting 6 months, I went to see my mother’s chiropractor, Dr. Latimer! Within 3 visits I could feel a difference. She gave me exercises, stretches and tips on how to lift. Now I am my usual active self again and FEEL GREAT. I will not wait to seek care again if my back starts aching again. – Nick L.

BEST CHIROPRACTOR! --------I have seen other chiropractors before. Dr. Latimer is the best I’ve seen to date. I’ll be back!Vivienne M

QUICK APPTS-------Whenever I need care I can call and usually get in within a day. She also has emergency care if someone needs.

NECK KINK----I had a big kink in my neck and I couldn’t sleep or drive. You fixed it quickly. - Kathy


After taking care of my sick spouse I hurt everywhere. You made me well again. -Frances


Cramping relief and spinal comfort --I have been having lower back and neck pain along with major cramping in my legs.  Along with chiropractic Dr. Latimer suggested I take a larger magnesium dose than I was already taking.  Within a week, I can now sleep thru the night without a cramp!!  Also my spine is much more comfortable even though I have several types of arthritis.  Darrell B.


A YEAR OF PAIN NOW GONE-----My midback was in almost constant pain and would keep me up at night.     After just a few adjustments I began getting relief and now no longer have really any pain.  Thank you Dr. Latimer and chiropractic for restoring my spinal function.