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Basics for Health Beyond Supplements

Dear Patients and friends, We continue to offer you health and wellness options and strive to serve you in every way we can by giving you proactive steps and approaches to your healthcare needs.

The steps we are recommending in addition to the obvious from the CDC are:

  1. Staying hydrated - Drinking non sugar drinks, especially water and warm drinks like tea help rinse the respiratory passages and allow our bodies to function more effectively.
  2. Saline/ and or Neti pot rinsing several times per day. It has been reported that nasal concentrations of the virus (as is often with viruses) are greater than other body orifices. Rinsing those areas allows the body to rinses them out or into the gut where they can be killed by digestive juices. Remember to stay face forward over the sink for 1-2 minutes after using saline to allow the rinse to penetrate into the facial sinuses.
  3. Gargling with salt water and/or other natural antiviral products (such as grapefruit seed extract) twice a day. Helps shrink and rinse lymph nodes in the throat so they can work more effectively.
  4. Laugh and help others — worry and stress have always made us vulnerable to disease.
  5. Avoid sugar and eat lots of veggies. 50% of your plate should be veggies!
  6. Consider strengthening your immune system - with our recommended Foundational Supplements. Taking these quality products on a daily basis just makes your system work to it's best capacity. The handout is posted on my website under Nutrition or you can use this link

We choose to take a pro-active stance when it comes to these or any type of health issue. I hope you will utilize some or all of these options and consider passing them along to others.

Sincerely Pamela G. Latimer, Chiropractic Physician and Holistic Health Coach