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CBD Extraction Methods and Online Scams

CBD Extraction Methods and Online Scams

Latimer Chiropractic only uses products with CO2 extraction.

Prior to the 1970’s, the most popular ways involved  solvents like ethanol or petroleum.

This process proved to be both inefficient and questionably harmful.

Creating CBD oil using carbon dioxide extraction (CO2 for short) brings more of the essential oils out of a plant without any residuals.


Watch for these five sure signs of a scam:

1. “Free Trial Bottle – Just Pay Shipping:”

2. Selling only on Facebook, Reddit, or another social media:

3. No third-party lab results available: Before buying CBD oil online, review their independent, third-party lab results publicly posted online. If there are no third-party lab results available, request them before purchase. And if they won’t make them available, don’t do business with them – because they can’t prove you are getting CBD oils.

4. Only one review, or a limited number of 5-star reviews:

5. “Miracle Drug” claims: Only buy CBD oil from companies that provide the science behind their products.

At Latimer Chiropractic you get what you are paying for. The Best!!