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I Eat A Healthy Diet Do I Really Need to Take Supplements

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These days we suffer from a combination of:

Poor food choices.  We are overfed and undernourished. What is really in our foods? Processed foods are ever present with dyes, artificial flavors and sweeteners, trans fats and preservatives. Even NATURAL flavoring does not have to really be natural.  Animals proteins we eat that are fed poor quality products that often are laced with medications and toxic substances. GMO foods are banned in many countries including Europe.    These all pose serious health threats

Our food is grown in nutrient deficient soil. We have known this since the first soil quality tests in the 1920's. Things have only gotten worse since then.

The % of Americans with inadequate nutrient intake from food is shocking. In 2005 (15 years ago now) the USDA issued a report that between 10-90% of us are deficient in KEY nutrients and need to supplement to ensure optimal nutrition.  This has a “trickle down” effect throughout our bodies and their healing abilities.

What about organic?  Even though organic makes the attempt to eliminate pesticides and improve nutrients thru better farming methods, our soils have been exposed to pesticides and nutrient depletion for 100 years or more. Supporting organic growing is helping slowly but what about now?

Environmental toxins  have been increasing since the 2nd World War, when toxic weapons were brought back to the USA and secondary uses were found for them, like agricultural pesticides. Bottom Line—Even if you make an effort to live a clean lifestyle, your body is still contaminated with hundreds of toxic chemicals because they are so prevelent in common everyday household items.

What does all of this do to our bodies?

Research shows a huge variety of symptoms and diseases are allowed to fourish when our bodies are weakened in the above listed ways. The result is weakened and overburdened immune systems, auto-immune conditions, digestive disorders, hyperactivity in children, diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, cancer, musculoskeletal conditions, and the list is endless. Bottom Line- Toxins increase what is called oxidative stress, with bombardment by free radicals.  They increase damage to your cells. We cannot escape our environment, but we can be proactive.

What to do to help yourself?  Be Proactive

First of all, avoid the “bad guys” listed previously. 

Next, improve your eating habits by learning new recipes and tasting new foods

Now : Learn what are the “Foundational Essentials”

that our bodies need to detoxify, rebuild, support cellular health and communication, and reduce inflammation which is the “root” of so many diseases.

Choosing High Quality Supplements

Not all claims are truthful. Supplements should be purchased from a reputable source such as a health food store or your healthcare practitioner. What you don't know about supplements can possibly hurt you or just not be helpful.

So let me educate you with the essential information.

3 Levels of Supplement support are outlined in the Supplement Pyramid

✔ Foundation Level

✔ Personalized Level

Optimization Level

Foundation Level Supplement suggestions

1.   Optimally dosed and whole food balanced Multivitamin

2.   Omega 3 fatty acids

3.   Coenzyme Q10 (as Ubiquinol-much better absorbed form) enhanced w/Himilayan Shilajit

4.   Probiotics

5.   Vitamin D

Multivitamins---are not the same.

I strive to carry organic, naturally bound and absorbable supplements that more than exceed your expectations. Whole food and concentrated foods sourcesMy supplements are thoroughly tested for avoidance of toxins, and meet dosage expectations.

Why Omega-3 Fatty Acids?

These are HEALTHY fats. You need them but your body cannot make them. They help the cells communicate, stay pliable and pass nutrients.

Research indicates taking Omega 3s gives support for MENTAL health, inc'd depression and bipolar.  Also COGNITIVE decline and learning disabilities, lowers  CARDIOVASCULAR disease and blood pressure, and possibly most import lowers systemic INFLAMMATION.  Lowering inflammation helps allchronic age related diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.  Again, not all fish oils are produced equally. There are 3-4 ratings which are hard to decifer. This could allow  toxins and rancidity in your oils.

CoQ10 (as Ubiquinol)

CoQ 10 works with enzymes inside the power makers of your cells (mitochondria) to make energy so your cells can function. When CoQ10 is low every cell in your body will suffer. As we age, we make less CoQ10.  Statins by the way, block the production of CoQ10. Taking them for one month can lower your CoQ10 by 40%.  Your heart certainly needs CoQ10 for function. CoQ10 shown to help with HEART conditions, blood pressure, increased VIGOR, boost FAT burned w/ low intensity exercise, slow degenerative BRAIN diseases like Parkinsons, help control BLOOD SUGAR in diabetes


Digestion and digestive health is enhanced by the balance of good bacteria in your gut. Antibiotics and poor food choices weaken the gut. Symptoms of poor gut health can inc'd diarrhea, constipation, reflux, urinary infections,fatigue, cramping & food intolerances. Also 70% of your immune system is in the gut. Taking a viable, tested probiotic is the best support for your gut. Yogurt is variable and weak concentration of the beneficial bacteria your body needs.

Vitamin D

Recent research ties adequate blood D levels to improved health of the immune system, joints, hormones, inflammation control, depression, cardiovascular health, and more.  Blood levels must be tested to know if you are absorbing enough D to bring your levels to “optimal”. You may have never been tested since most MD's are not yet on board with testing D and then following up to make sure you are optimal. Also labs have used a wide range to signify adequate levels which again is not optimal.  Resources include and


This information is just an overview.  There are volumes of information that could be presented and information is changing all of the time.  I am glad you have taken the time to educate yourself and I thank you for trusting me with your healthcare.  I will be presenting more detailed information about the these supplements and the other levels of optimal health support listed here, thru the office newsletter, website and on social media.  In the meantime, get started with improving your health!!


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The Supplement Pyramid by M. Smith, M.D.