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Natural Anti-Inflammatory Supplement

Are you taking Ibuprofen, Aleve or aspirin?

Would you like a natural alternative that is “good” for you?

Our patients love it.

INFLAVONOID is a natural Anti-Inflammatory (turmeric) that has been studied and used now for many years. Inflavonoid (from Metagenics) contains a unique patented blend of curcumin (turmeric) and fenugreek (CurQfen), which is designed for increased bioavailability (utilization) in reducing inflammation. Also containing Xanthohumol which is beneficial in regulating the body’s immune response relating to swelling and inflammation.

Remember - Tumeric (curcumin) products are not all the same.

They must be blended with substances that have been show to aid absorbtion or they do very little. Also they should be taken with something containing fat, like a meal. If you are sensitive to NSAIDS or just are looking for a healthier alternative to help you feel better and heal more quickly then INFLAVONOID is a great choice.

Did you know use of aspirin, ibuprofen etc. can actually slow the healing process of joints when taken for more than 3-4 days. WE ALSO HAVE--(Inflavinoids Intensive Care)----Tumeric blended with Ginger and Boswellia is influential in reducing inflammation and promote immune balance. Take with food for best absorption.