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ChiroThin Testimonials


Happy Janet Chirothin Success
I could not take walks or stand up very long. Chirothin is just what I needed!! I lost 20 lbs! It was easy to follow and now I’m on a new path to health. Dr. Latimer and staff were supportive and helpful. Thank you for everything.

Carlyn S.


CHIROTHIN has given me back my commitment to my health, myself and my wellness. Thank you! I can breathe better, feel more sexy, feel better about myself, and I love how my clothes fit!
I will be back to lose more once I go thru the “Metabolic Weight Stabilization”

Cynthia Jean Burke

My 7 weeks on the CHIROTHIN program has been pretty smooth and easy plan to follow. I have not been faint or really hungry.
I have lost weight and lots inches!! Also my joints and muscles feel better and my digestion is better. I can think better too! I highly suggest it for others who want weight loss success.


Easy to Follow and Great Support
I don't like taking medications so when my weight began to affect my health I knew I needed to lose weight.
The Chirothin Program and Dr. Latimer's team supported me.
Now I have improved energy, my clothes fit better, and I feel better about myself.
I was only hungry at mealtime so I was able to follow the guidelines easily and successfully lost 21 pounds and 28 inches!!

Patricia Rosner

After going thru the Chirothin program I am experiencing
Much better digestion and decreased headaches.
I love how my clothes fit.
I would refer others to the Chirothin Program.
I am on the maintenance stabilization portion and have lost several more pounds with the guidance that I was given.
Thank you Dr. Latimer and staff

Sherry Saffert

I followed the program and it worked

ChiroThin is easy to follow, and one of the best programs to minimize hunger to help lose weight. It provides nutritional balance of real food protein, vegetables, & fruit while resetting your metabolism & is easy weight loss. I cannot say enough about ChiroThin & I am so excited about the new me!

I was very overweight, fatigued, very low energy. I just could NOT lose the weight!!

Before using ChiroThin

I was fatigued and tried everything to lose weight with no success.

After doing the ChiroThin program

I have lost over 40lbs and 36” overall. My energy has totally rebounded and I am keeping it off with the ChiroThin food choices

I finally feel like my best me !

Victoria Evans

Since completing my 1st round

I have a lot more energy. I have lost over 26lbs. and I can breathe again!! I have much more energy and can even fit into smaller clothes already. YEAH!

Thank you Latimer Chiropractic and the ChiroThin Team

Before using ChiroThin

I was very tired and out of breath all the time. My thoughts were always relating to my next meal. I have tried every diet. Nothing was working.