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Best Fish Oil Benefits

Latimer Chiropractic only carries the best quality EPA-DHA (fish oils) so you don't have to worry.

The Western Diet Is Screaming for More Omega-3. Eating more fatty fish is a great idea but does not always happen, so quality fish oil (EPA-DHA) capsules give you the benefits

What Matters? Freshness, type of fish, concentration of product, & contaminants.

Companies can produce rancid (rotten) oils, They can contain metals such as mercury, and the pill concentration can be inaccurate. Don't be fooled by clever marketing.

Generally speaking, the higher up a food chain a fish is the more likely it is to contain a high concentration of toxic substances like mercury. The smaller the fish, the better.

Respectable Brands have been independently tested and rated highly for purity – brands which really do deserve the term ‘pharmaceutical grade.'

Scientific List of the Best Fish Oil Benefits

1) Reducing the Risks of Heart Disease.
2) Positively Related to Fighting Back the Risk of Cancer.
3) Boosting Mental Effects and Combating Mental Illnesses.
4) Omega-3 Combats the Inflammation Symptoms in Arthritis.
5) Fighting Negative Effects of Type 2 Diabetes by Reducing Triglycerides.
6) Benefits for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women.
7) Youthful and Clean Looking Skin.
8) Slowing-Down Age Related Vision Disease.
9) Quick Muscle Recovery After a Workout.

Some of these benefits have already been well-documented and solidly proven by research others are still in the process of being meticulously mapped out by science.

One of the Biggest General Benefit of Fish Oil Is Its Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Fish oil is particularly useful for sufferers of inflammation problems such as arthritis.

It also has a broad range of effects on cell communication, brain and gut health.

Omega-3 Combats the Inflammation of Arthritis

Arthritis= joint inflammation. Inflammation and degeneration is what gives you the pain. To reduce inflammation lessens most people's pain and improves function.

Lowered Blood Pressure---The fact that the Omega 3 fatty acids in the fish oil supplements are able to thin the blood is usually a good thing, as it helps to lower blood pressure for those who are at risk of hypertension.--–relaxing and lubricating arterial walls. Also making red blood cells slippier, reducing the chance of clotting. Check with your doctor

Omega-3 Bad Cholesterol Fighter----Omega-3 also has positive effects on heart health because of its effect of raising HDL cholesterol (also known as “good cholesterol”) and lowering LDL cholesterol (popularly nicknamed “bad cholesterol”). Plaque sticks to arteries because of inflammation.
Fighting Back High Levels of Triglyceride-----High triglyceride levels risk leading to atherosclerosis – the build-up of plaque in the arteries. Plaque build-up in arteries is a restriction of blood flow with the long term risk of a complete blockage. The right fish oils help reduce triglycerides.

Diabetes leads to increases in the density of fats in the bloodstream because the insulin is less efficient at delivering fat to cells. In short, insulin resistance means a higher level of triglycerides in the blood. Omega-3 effectively reduces the levels of triglycerides in the blood.

Potentially Slowing Growth of Prostate Cancer and Diminishing Risk of Breast Cancer Pregnancy and Breastfeeding –Excellent for you and baby. ck with your doctor before taking.

Mental Decline in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s---Some studies have indicated that raising of omega-3 levels may help combat some of the impairments in brain functions brought on by the disease. Parkinson’s disease is a problem which occurs when the brain’s natural dopamine system is upset. In studies carried out on mice, omega-3 was shown to have a protective effect against decreases in dopamine.

A Powerful Mood and Brain Booster ---Some studies have indicated it may actually make you less susceptible to depression. There’s some evidence which suggests omega-3 might help you make the most of your overall “brain power”. A relationship between omega-3 intake and memory, and a relationship between omega-3 and your ability to learn

Some researchers now also believe that a lack of omega-3 can be linked to the development of disorders like ADHD and dyslexia. And schizophrenia.

Muscle Recovery After a Workout Reducing inflammation can reduce soreness.
Take the Right Dose—Most therapeutic benefits are documented in the 2000-3000 IU

Symptoms of Burps,Heartburn/Acid Reflux/Aftertaste/ Loose Bowels

If you are taking a Quality Fish Oil and you experience negative symptoms –

Try taking the supplement immediately after you finish eating, as it will mix with the food  and be easier on the digestive system.

Take a small amount of the fish oil every day when you first start taking the supplement, as that will give your body time to get adjusted to the new supplement.

If you are taking a high quality fish oil and symptoms of any kind persist, you may need support with your digestion. Ie: digestive enzymes

Talk to Dr. Latimer or the staff with specific questions.