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Nutrition Visits & Supplements

Why I use nutrition in my practice

I have found that nutrition is an essential part in the body’s ability to heal.  

Sadly we as a nation have allowed our food choices and our agricultural growing practices to decline. 

This affects our ability to heal quickly and completely.

Our office utilizes primarily whole food supplements at low doses. 

This is what our body is programmed to receive.  Synthetic supplementation does not achieve the desired goal.

We carry the highest quality supplements with a focus on absorbability and purity. Our primary companies are Standard Process, Metagenics, and Pure Encapsulations. Our probiotics are of the highest quality. Most probiotics sold in stores fall short of the mark. The profiles are not as diverse as a good probiotic should be.

Standard Process Wholefood Supplements


Pure Encapsulations

Emerson Products Quality