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Harwich Chiropractor | Harwich chiropractic care | MA | Frequently Asked Questions

  Latimer Chiropractic
            Total Wellness Center      

       1599 Orleans Rd (Route 39)
     Harwich, MA 02645



Monday 8-6
Tuesday 7-12
Wednesday 8-6
Thursday closed
Friday 7-5
Sat-Sun: Emergency
Appts available



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if chiropractic care is right for me?

The best way to know is to come in and either have a brief consult with the doctor or have an examination.  If your condition is related to:

  • Any joint(s) in the body
  • The nervous system
  • Muscle spasm or imbalance
  • Arthritic conditions

Most likely are you can be helped by chiropractic care. 

If you are in the right place I will let you know.


If I start coming in for chiropractic care do I need to come forever?

 You can come in for any type of care you wish.  Just like going to the dentist

you can come in for acute care, rehabilitative care, or wellness care.


Do adjustments hurt?

Adjustments are done very gently. However we are touching areas that already

may have pain and inflammation so there may be some brief soreness.  This can be

countered by using heat or ice and is usually quickly resolving.  Usually adjustments

actually feel good!


Do you give me exercises to help heal the area?

Yes when the time is right I always give supportive exercises, stretches and other home modifications and treatments.

Harwich Chiropractor | Frequently Asked Questions. Dr. Pamela Latimer is a Harwich Chiropractor.